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Everybody dreams of winning a million pound online slots jackpot, or even a smaller cash prize. We love to daydream and fantasise about what we’d do with the money and how we’d improve our lives. It goes without saying that most of us won’t win the biggest prizes – but a lucky few will. We asked a selection of casino fans and slots players how they’d spend a £1,000,000 jackpot on 우리카지노 and some of the answers were surprising.

You just Won a Million Pound Jackpot!

Most peoples first reaction would be disbelief. We know one winner who sat staring at her screen convinced that there was a mistake. She just couldn’t get her head around the fact that she was a millionaire. She was almost afraid to call customer service in case they thought that she was stupid! Even when people reach for the champagne and start partying there’s usually a small part of their mind that doesn’t really believe the news. They worry that there will be something in the small print or that they won’t receive their winnings. It can take a while to adjust.

How to Claim your Jackpot Winnings

There is usually some small print that big jackpot winners quickly become aware of. Most online casino and slots sites don’t like to hand over cheques for a million pounds. They have the cash reserves and usually some for of insurance in case of big payouts, but still operate on tight budgets. A spate of jackpots can hurt their finances. Many casinos and gambling sites will offer their big winners a regular monthly payment instead of a single cash sum. This might sound stingy, but they can actually be doing players a seriously big favour. A generous monthly income can really improve your life; for some people a huge wad of cash can bring long-term misery.

You are are Now an Online Slots Millionaire

OK, you deposited a few quid and were enjoying a few spins on the latest new game, when you had a run of luck. Your account balance got a bit of a boost and you started making some bigger bets just for the hell of it. Then suddenly BANG the life changing moment – the one million pound jackpot prize flashes up on your mobile screen. A few nail biting minutes and nerve wracking conversations later, and it’s been confirmed: you really won and you’re getting your payout. You wake up the next morning (quite possibly with a hangover) and the sudden realisation that you’re a slots millionaire. Some people will stop and think at this point and make a decision to slow down and make a financial plan. Others will go off the rails and start a major spending spree.

What’s a Million Pound Jackpot Really Worth?

When we were kids a million pounds was an almost magical sum – a mystical number to be spoken of in awe. It’s still a very tidy sum, but in 21st century Britain you need bit of discipline to keep on enjoying it. The average UK salary is probably around £25,000, so a £1,000,000 jackpot is the equivalent of 40 years pay. If you’re young, and you quit your job the day you win, you’ll probably be no better off financially. You will immediately need to start investing your winnings because you won’t be earning a pension either.

How to Enjoy Life as a Slots Jackpot Winner

There are some simple money management techniques and strategies for jackpot winners. We’ll feature some jackpot winners in the next article. Some of them went from rags to riches – and then straight back to rags. The smarter ones are still enjoying their winnings and are set up for life. We’ll tell their stories and give you some tips on how to get the very most out of your cash payouts.

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