WinStar World Casino Review

Casino Review

I’ve always been a fan of casinos, but even more so after working most of 2009 in California where they’re all over the place. I have been to 사설토토사이트 as well and was amazed to be at an amazing place such as this one. 

While on vacation to Dallas, Texas, I had seen an advertisement for WinStar World Casino, and found it was an hour or so drive from where my hotel was. I had seen that it was the 5th largest casino floor in the world with people from all over playing there.

So right after I visited Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Valley State Park on a Sunday, I went to WinStar World Casino that Sunday evening. I didn’t get any pictures inside the place, but I will tell you it is a large floor like the advertisement said. Unless you’ve been there or live in Oklahoma, you wouldn’t know that a casino this big in the small town of Thackerville exists. This was the first time I visited Oklahoma since I lived there as a kid in the late 1980s.

As I approached the building, I was taken back by “The Guardian” statue outside. I was eager to get inside to play the games, but I did remember to take a picture of that statue before I left at night.

For me, I’ve always played the slot machines when I attend casinos and was in the Center Ring. They’ve also got the other gaming worlds like Beijing and Paris which opened up in 2008. The blackjack and poker tables are usually taken up at the casinos I’ve been to, but I don’t like them as much as slots. I played the Wheel of Fortune slots as well as other games, although I didn’t do good with my luck that day. But that’s how it goes with casinos.

WinStar World Casino Review:

The bad:

Thackerville is a very small town, so don’t expect to be able to find much there. If you’re not a small-town type of person, this probably won’t be an area for you to visit.

The good:

They have a quality floor as well as good selection at the Bread Basket buffet and other small restaurants and a nicely designed bar. They have free refreshment drinks for guests, too. It is a convenient drive with the location right off the highway. Also, it is nearly the same distance from Oklahoma City and Dallas off of I-35. It is one mile inside the Oklahoma border from Texas.


They have a large selection of slot casinos as well as blackjack and poker tables. It is the nicest casino I’ve been in, and the hospitality is one of a kind, too. International guests will feel welcome to play here. Though it is out of the way of traditional big cities or towns, it is worth it if you are a fan of casinos.

Be sure to visit WinStar World Casino for more information as they are open 24 hours a day for your convenience, too.