Who Is Affected By Gambling Addiction

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There was a time that people believed that gambling addiction only affects the person who has decided to throw his or her life away. Of course, years later we know that this is not true. This simply starts a chain of events that will affect the immediate family, friends, the community and even the country.

Is it an exaggeration to say that this affects the country? The answer is no because when the gambler doesn’t have money, the individual is prompted to borrow from friends and family.

The family, which is always the first to suffer the impact, will have to cut back on spending. If that doesn’t work, desperation soon follows and the gambler may be tempted to resort to criminal acts in order to continue with this bad habit.

The gambling addict, who is either the father or the mother, will spend less time with the family thus abandoning the task of being a role model to the children. Spouses who can’t take it anymore will file for divorce and families are broken.

Studies have shown some of these individuals have even abused their own sons and daughters. This could make them develop destructive behavior like failing in school, getting into drugs, engage in a life of crime that is much worse than becoming a gambling addict like their parents did. In short, they become just another unproductive member of society.

Friends and co workers are also affected because they have to do more because someone in the team is not doing their job. As we discussed previously, the company can fire the person and hire a new employee but it takes time and money to train a replacement.

Gambling addiction affects the community because the person no longer has money to offer to charity or local business. If there are a lot of people in that city or state that do gamble and are in the same predicament, the local revenue decreases.

Since the person has to resort to criminal acts like embezzlement, forgery or fraud, the crime rate goes up and more people will be in the system. The death rate may also rise because gambling addicts who cannot take it anymore will commit suicide thinking that this is the only way out.

Just how many gambling addicts are there? As we said before, that is hard to say. Some estimate that there are over 4.2 million of them scattered across the United States. This does not only consist of people going to the casino but those that take risk in the stock market, online or go to the track.

Any government in the world that has a vast number of gambling addicts on https://www.parisalanage.com  will not sit idly by and allow this to continue. They can raise the taxes against these establishments thinking that this will reduce the number of people but such a solution does not work.

The local, state and federal government has to do more like help the Non-profit organizations raise funds to create centers to treat gambling addicts. The program is not that different from those used to cure alcoholics and drug users. It takes time, money and dedicated individuals to work with each person and in the end hope this will never happen again.

But is it really the fault of the number of gambling establishments in the increase of gambling addicts? The answer is no because no one dragged the individual into this place. Nobody forced the person to call a bookie to place a bet or give a credit card to play online poker.

The person did it willingly and at first it was just fun but then things went in the other direction. The gambling addict was unable to stop thinking that more money can be made.

The end result is always the same and it affects the gambler, his or her family, friends, the community and then the country. So who is affected by gambling addiction? Almost everyone is affected because it may happen to someone in your family or even a dear friend.

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