Two Blackjack Losing Strategies Get To Know Avoid Using Them

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Most blackjack players have their own playing strategy, which they think work best for them. But, many of them lose due to their own strategy that does not work to help them win at blackjack. In fact, some of them are unaware that they are using the proven blackjack’s losing strategies; that’s why they lose. Let’s review a couple of the most common losing strategies used by the unsuccessful blackjack players. Don’t ever implementing them when you play at blackjack if you want to win the game.

Before we get into the list of strategies, It needs to be kept in mind that blackjack is no Bandarqq where you will have everything laid out before you but one where not only novices but even over confident folks are susceptible to losing it and the biggest reason for it is that they don’t plan a proper strategy and make hasty decisions with certain moves and we shall see how with the following points.

blackjack’s Losing Strategy #1: The No-Bust Strategy

Savvy players realize that the casino gets an advantage when both player and dealer bust, the player loses. Therefore, some players prefer to play in safe mode by implementing no-bust strategy, which they never hit a hard hand (12 or higher with no ace). When using this strategy, the player will take a hit whenever they have a total value of 11 or less, which they have no risk of busting; and they will stand whenever they get a total greater than 11.

The player will never bust his hand by using the no-bust strategy. Instead, the player will win when he has a good hand, and hope the dealer will bust to let him win when he has a bad hand. The computer simulation data show that the dealer will normally not bust too often to merit standing on low totals. Therefore, the player will definitely will be the loser using this strategy.

blackjack’s Losing Strategy #2: Imitate The Dealer Strategy

Many novices and even experienced blackjack players like to play with the way played by the dealer, where they will draw to 16 and stand on anything greater. Theoretically, if you imitate the dealer strategy, you should be able to win the same number of hands like what have won by the dealers. But, in reality this is not the case because of the way dealer handles the bust is different from the player.

When the player busts his hand, he will lose his bet regardless of whether the dealer busts or not. On the other hand, if the dealer busts his hand, he does not necessarily need to pay the player if the player has busted before the dealer completes playing his hand. This is the casino’s advantage over the player, where the player must play his hand first and he will always bust first before the dealer. Therefore, the dealer does not need to pay the players who have busted even though he hits a bust.

With the casino’s advantage where the players will lose whenever they bust, but the dealer does not necessarily need to pay even though he busts, if the players imitate the dealer strategy, they will never be the winner.


Not all blackjack strategies will work to help you win at blackjack. In fact, many of them have been proven to be the losing strategies. The above two are the common losing strategies, which you should avoid using them when playing at blackjack.