The Famous Story Of Rapunzel Now Also A Slot Machine

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New slot machines and slots are being launched almost every week, and we now have a new favorite launched on ahliqqpoker, which you absolutely must try! The Rapunzel slot game is inspired by the animated Disney film Tangled, which is about a girl who gets locked up in a tower, a story that brings a lot of options to Rapunzel.

The famous story – now also a slot machine

Lord of Rapunzel was written by the Grimm Brothers and published for the first time in 1812. The Grimm brother’s story is based on the story of Persinette, written by Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force as early as 1698.

So this is a very old and popular story, which has now come back to life as a video slot. The story is about a young couple who want a child. When Rapunzel grows up, she gets kidnapped by the evil witch Gothel, who understands that Rapunzel’s long, blonde hair will keep her young forever.

And the story continues …

Gothel raised Rapunzel as if she had been her own daughter, and it is also why she gave her the name Rapunzel. She grew up to be the most beautiful baby in the world, with long and golden hair. When Rapunzel turned twelve, Gothel locked her in a tower located in the middle of a big forest.

Gothel understood that Rapunzel carried a unique treasure, and therefore wanted to make sure that she had access to her eternal youth. The tower had no doors but consisted of only one room and one window.

Want to save Rapunzel?

When Rapunzel understood the request, she threw her long hair down so that the witch could climb up the hair and reach the tower. One day, a prince riding through the forest heard Rapunzel singing from the tower. He was bewitched by her beautiful voice and found the tower, but couldn’t get into it. He returned often to hear her beautiful singing and one day saw the witch beneath the tower and learned the trick of how to get to the tower.

Later, when Gothel was gone, he asked Rapunzel to let down her hair and when she did he climbed up, got to know Rapunzel, and asked her to marry him. But the story does not end there. The prince and Rapunzel wanted to be together, but of course, the selfish Gothel got in their way and did all in her powers to keep Rapunzel in the tower.

The slot machine of Rapunzel is just as exciting as the story. The game consists of three main functions and it is the story of Rapunzel that binds it together. Rapunzel wilds can give you massive profits and bonuses – Wilds remain on the board only until have won, so they give you the guaranteed prizes when you play casino online! By gathering the Free Spins bonus, you can also help the prince rescue Rapunzel from the tower, and on the way there, you can also get many extra free spins!