Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Poker Site


Search engine optimization (SEO) is easily the most sought after “holy grail” for webmasters today. Poker and gambling websites are no different. There is a bunch of poker information on the internet and trying to get search engine users to get to your poker site can be tough. Here are some poker SEO tips to help you and your poker site to become a success. The success of the players will be excellent at Pkv Games site. The information should be correct and accurate for the players. The ranking s and ratings can be checked at online search engines for playing in the game tournaments. 

Poker SEO Tip #1: Plan, Plan, Plan!

Most webmasters just want to get their poker website up and running because they feel that the faster they get it online, the sooner they will be making money. They want to get their poker site online and then work on search engine optimization. This is a horrible strategy and setting up SEO requires planning in the areas of content and architecture choices. Plan, and then launch your poker or gambling website.

Poker SEO Tip #2: Your Website Needs to be Content Rich.

You need to write good content and you need to write a lot of it. The more you have, the more keyword phrases the search engines can include you in the rankings for and so you will get more traffic from each. Also, each page that you have on your site, if it links to the other pages you have, then that will help you since your own site’s links work too for SEO. Also, the more good content you have, the more likely other webmasters, especially poker webmasters, will want to link to you and your articles. The more pages you have, the more traffic you will get, the more traffic you have the more money you’ll get. Plain and simple.

Poker SEO Tip #3: Keep It Simple Stupid

First off, keep your domain simple. Yes, you won’t be able to own or but you can still can find a simple and easy to remember poker domain by just taking a few minutes and brainstorming different aspects of poker and possibly using those for your domain name. (ie: Also, your design should be just as simple. Limit the images. If you need pictures to graphically illustrate a certain poker strategy that is fine, but other than that, there’s only so much a picture can tell you (and in poker, it’s usually not 1000’s words.) The less pictures, flash or javascript that you have on your page, the faster it will load and search engine spiders will be able to crawl your site faster.

Poker SEO Tip #4: Basic SEO Stuff Works

You don’t need to pay a professional tons of money to take care of basic search engine optimization techniques for your poker and gambling website. You must know what keywords you want your page to rank for. Then, you need to emphasize those keywords by including them in your title and description tags, in your header tags, in the actual text of the content on your pages, in the alternative (alt) text of the images that you do have, and emphasizing your keywords in italics or bold. The search engines and your users will enjoy the fact that you make it clear what your page is about.

Poker SEO Tip #5: Don’t Obsess Over Getting Links

If your site is good, then you will get links to your site. If your poker site isn’t that good, then you will probably have a hard time getting links. Only trade links with good quality websites. Having your link posted at a couple thousand places won’t do anything for you, or will do very little for your poker site. Submit your poker site to directories, participate in poker communities and forums. Don’t spam the forums, but if you are a good contributing member, then people will want to check out your site in your profile or your signature.

Poker SEO Tip #6: Don’t Resort To Shady Tricks

In an attempt to get tons of visitors fast and make a lot of quick money, poker and gambling site owners are tempted to resort to things that will get your site ranked lower or banned from major search engines. You may make a few bucks quickly on your poker site but it will diminish once people can’t find your site on the big name search engines. Do you want fast money or money for years to come? Poker isn’t going anywhere and your site should stay strong enough doing things the right way.

You won’t learn everything there is to know about SEO by reading a few articles. The same is true with poker. Many people lost a lot of money because they learn how to play poker from ESPN’s little 2-minute blurb about Texas Hold’em and they think they are a professional. But, by learning the basics and capitalizing on playing in the right games and the right hands, many people can consistently win in poker. The same is true with your site. Good luck with creating one of the next up and coming poker website by utilizing some simple SEO techniques.