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You may have been on a winning streak at the tables and then, your luck runs out. You feel confident that things will change but again with no success. The longer this continues the larger your debt. Don’t you just wish you could stop? Well, now you can by going to a facility that is designed to help you stop gambling.

Since excessive gambling has been considered a disease, various organizations have been formed to help those who can’t help themselves. Some examples of these are support groups with the biggest one being Gamblers Anonymous that has over 1200 different locations spread all across the country. We discussed this previously but here is a bit more information.

The disease factor does come into play every now and then where even a normal round of daftar slot is considered a lost cause where you lose everything you have but the orgs that have formed in the past few years do put up different locations for people to satisfy their urge for gambling but the following points are worth mentioning.

They have a website at that you can visit so you can get in touch with someone or simply find the nearest one to where you live.

Another group that can help is called Gam-Anon. This is very similar to Gambler’s Anonymous because they also use a 12-step program to help treat people. The objective of both is to make you realize that you have a problem and find a solution against this disease so you can live a normal life again.

Bettors Anonymous is another support group that was established in 1990. You don’t only get to talk but also receive articles to help guide you when there is no session. Unlike the first two, this one is only available in Massachusetts. It will still be some time before it is able to branch out and have offices elsewhere.

Overcomers in Christ that started in 1987 offer all sorts of programs including those that need to recover from gambling. It uses the teachings of the Bible to help people turn away from their sins and be forgiven.

Recoveries Anonymous is another support group with over 50 chapters. Just like Overcomers in Christ, it uses the Word of God as a way to relieve any kind of addiction. Friends and family members of the gambler are more than welcome to sit in.

So, find out when is the next session and then just show up. You will feel alone and shy at first given that you are the new person there. Fortunately, the facilitators are very friendly and soon, you will be able to tell your story and get the encouragement you need.

You can also get help for gambling from the local hospital or clinic. They have doctors that can help talk to you after your habit and find ways to deal with it. If all else fails, you may be given a serotonin inhibitor. This has worked for overweight individuals and smokers. Lab tests have shown that this can also help.

There are also books that you can read to help you through gambling. Some of these can be purchased online so check them out and see what you like.

Who knew there would be so much support groups and facilities you can go to help fight gambling addiction. There are other small ones around so you have your choice which one to go to.

Given that many are non-profit, you don’t have to pay anything to become a member. The only thing they ask for is your willingness to change for the better. The objective of such support groups is to reduce the number of gamblers in the country. After all, gambling destroys the individual, the family and even the economy.

Remember, there is an estimated 4.2 million gamblers in the US. Every person that comes out and decides to quit the old habit shows that their program or approach is working.

When you do join a program, don’t expect your urge for gambling to go away overnight. This will take months and even years because some people get back into the habit. You can avoid this by staying away from places that you used to go to. You should also engage in a new activity like learning a new sport or keeping yourself busy with work.

In time, you will be able to forget that part of history where you were obsessed with money and didn’t care about yourself, your friends or family. You should think of this as a second chance in life so you should educate your children not to fall in the same predicament and help others who are now in your shoes.