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It Takes Gradual Learning Before You Can Play High Poker Stakes Using Real Poker Money

Play money poker is offered in all the big poker rooms currently available. One can easily download the necessary software and play the poker for free rather than for real poker money. The fact of the matter is that there are lots of cautious people all over the Internet who just want to get a […]

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Choosing Your Tournament Type

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Who Is Affected By Gambling Addiction


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Sports Activities Wagering Ideas In Dealing With Your Cash

Are you currently asking yourself how will you have the ability to make as a lot money from sports betting? The truth is you do not really must be an professional with regards to this. You do not also need to be an professional in playing the basketball or playing baseball just to turn out […]

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The Best Casino Online – Learn about the best gambling games

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Six Things Never Do In An Online Casino

If you are accustomed casinos and you’re planning your first trip, check the first six things you should never do in a casino offline. I never thought that the game of เว็บบาคาร่า could be so fun. The first time I went to a casino, all this seems a little intimidating. But I quickly found the […]

How To Choose A Reputable Online Casino

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Top 2 Important Methods to Improve the Poker game quickly!!!

Majority of the folks are already searching for a best way that can quickly improve the poker game. Different kinds of strategies are out there that will surely enhance the game. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should play more hands. You will able to learn valuable poker lessons via trial & error. Make sure that you are already creating a consistent playing schedule that will surely work great for you.  A person should play such game consistently. You should learn game from the errors.  It is your responsibility to learn variety of best strategies that will help you in winning maximum.

In order to improve poker game then a person should build a strong poker network. If possible then you should discuss the poker hands & strategy with proficient poker players. Following are 2 important methods that will able to improve the poker game properly.

  • Consider a poker coach

If you are one who wants to improve the poker game then it is highly recommended that a person should hire a personal coach that will help you in fixing the leaks and will work on the trouble spots. In case you are small stakes player that comes with limited bankroll then it can be a little bit a problems.  Nothing is better than Dominoqq that is considered as one of the best online casino where you can play poker and other best games.

  • Study the poker books

Thousands of high level poker strategy books are out there that will help you in becoming a better poker player. All you need to invest almost 20 minutes in learning the books.

Conclusive words

Lastly, make sure that you are watching the poker on Twitch and YouTube. You will have to learn every single aspect of the game carefully.

Slot Machine- Make Your Fortune with a Spin

When there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to games, we are at our wits end as there are innumerable ones while biased preferences tend to play spoilsport most of the time due to which the discussion turns into a heated argument.

But this isn’t going to be one of those occasions because today’s topic is of entertainment that has nothing to do with movies but with gambling as a sport that has taken the entire world by storm right from the times of yore.

Now many would agree that gambling has a notorious reputation to its name of being the root cause of evil and destruction by nurturing hatred even among the best of friends but it is also true that it does have entertainment if the players are playing it solely for entertainment and not for earning quick money.


While some people might be skeptical to use the term ‘sport’, it must be said that social media has made its access easier to the general public due to which you can find many gambling dens online with slot machine being one of the most popular ones.

When it comes to slot games, Angel Judi is more popular than Situs Judi and the production of such games are quite high if you look at it from a common man’s perspective.

For production value, you need to first obtain a license so as to make this online process legal and only afterwards can you move ahead with things like video slots and table games where there are some complicated mathematical sums to be calculated.

Then you go for gaming lab where the game is going to go through some tried and tested methods on whether it is perfect for youth to try out and doesn’t have any big stake that might be disastrous for players.

Nfl Week 16: Free Betting Picks

NFL Week 16 Free Picks. This is a list of the NFL Week 16 Free Picks. The Free Picks are made based on the teams playing, where the game is and other factors.TheNFL Week 15 Free Picks are:

Cowboys -10.5 over PANTHERS

The Panthers are actually playoff contenders now and the Cowboys have something to play for again as they failed to wrap up home-field advantage. Do I dare say this should be a close game? Not so fast. The Cowboys renewed efforts should make them very dangerous. Sure, the Panthers have run their record up to a much more respectable 6-8 but they are pretty much dead as far as the playoffs are concerned so they should start looking towards next year. The Cowboys, embarrassed last week, should be focused and let’s face it, they are the much better team here. If Jessica Simpson isn’t at the game, than take the Cowboys.

Now they’re not like the Dallas Cowboys of the past that were a force to be reckoned with that would keep the best players on guard in order to prevent any mishap but the setback from the Panthers shouldn’t deter them that much as they still have not lost their sheen and can sail through like poker online Indonesia.

BENGALS +3.5 over Browns

The Bengals are having a terrible season, especially since they entered the year with such high expectations and they would love nothing more than to try to ruin their intrastate rivals chance at the division and the playoffs. The Bengals still have a very good offense and the Browns defense is not that good. Also, don’t forget the trouble the Browns have away from home. This should be a close game, and although I see the Browns winning, it is by a field goal or less.

Packers -8.5 over BEARS

The Packers are tied with the Cowboys and now have a shot at home-field advantage in the NFC. I know that this is a nice rivalry game, and those are usually pretty close, but after watching the Bears and the Vikings play I am questioning the Bears pride and their defense. We all know the Bears should have some serious trouble on offense, but Favre won’t make the mistakes Jackson did last week and this should be a stomping if that happens.

TEXANS +7 over Colts

The Colts don’t have anything to play for anymore except some pride. They have wrapped up the AFC South and the second seed in the AFC playoffs and they can officially do no better or worse. I don’t expect the stars, Manning, Addai, Wayne, etc. to play more than a half of this game and it should be a close one, especially if Sage Rosenfels is playing. Houston is going for a non-losing record so there will be some pride on their side of the ball. Indy wins, but not by a touchdown.

LIONS -4.5 over Chiefs

The Lions have looked awful and the Chiefs have looked worse. Both of these teams led their divisions early in the season, but tanked, and I mean tanked, to finish the year. The Lions offense should be able to carry them in this game and the Chiefs offense has looked deplorable. The main thing working for the Lions is that they should finally be able to run the ball and that should open up the passing game.

BILLS +2.5 over Giants

Have you been watching the Giants recently? They look like they think they already clinched a playoff berth. Someone needs to wake them up this week or it will be a long, cold Sunday for them. I think the weather, mainly the cold, will keep the scoring down in this game and the Bills will use the homefield advantage, and the outside chance at a playoff berth in their favor. Trent Edwards has been very solid since he took over the starting job and Marshawn Lynch will be hard to stop. If the Giants defense can get to the QB than they might cover, if not, you will see some angry fans in New York come Monday.

Raiders +13.5 over Jaguars

The Jaguars have all but wrapped up the first wild card spot and a date with the Steelers in Pittsburgh so their motivation may be a little bit lacking. This is also a game where you will see some starters sit. The Raiders have been playing better and should not lose this game by two touchdowns. If JaMarcus Russell does not start I would definetly go with the Raiders this weekend.

SAINTS -3 over Eagles

The Eagles have looked pretty impressive over the last few weeks, but the Saints have also looked pretty good. The Saints are still looking for a playoff berth while the Eagles are officially out. The Saints have much more offensive talent, save Brian Westbrook, and if they can contain the Eagles star running back than they should easily win this game.

Falcons +10 over CARDINALS

The Falcons are having one of the worst seasons, both on and off the field, of any team in NFL history but they have a chance to at least not be blown out this weekend. This will be their first game without Bobby Petrino and they could either show a complete lack of caring or they could have some extra motivation there, it is a toss up. The Cardinals have been disappointing this season and now that they are officially out of the playoff race you may see Fitzgerald and Boldin sitting more to help heal their injuries. The Falcons should be able to run the ball and keep this one close enough to cover.

Buccaneers -6.5 over 49ERS

The Bucs have clinched the playoffs and have nothing real to play for except a better seeding for the playoffs. That will be enough to keep some of their top players in the game for a good portion and even when they sub out there talent is better than that of the 49ers. Shaun Hill has been playing well as the QB of the 49ers, but he has not played a defense the caliber of the Buc yet and he will not cope well. Take the Buces here by more than a touchdown.

Dolphins +22 over PATRIOTS

Yup, I know it is crazy, but the Dolphins always seem to play well against the Patriots in Foxborough. I don’t understand it, but they are the facts. I am by no means saying that the Dolphins will win this game, but with Cleo Lemon as their quarterback they should be able to score just enough points to cover, especially when New England lets off the gas just a little in the fourth quarter.

Jets +8.5 over TITANS

The Titans are certainly offensively challenged at this point except for Rob Bironas. The Jets have a terrible record and nothing to play for, but Mangini will not let them just go through the motions on Sunday. The Titans will come away with a win, but the Jets will not make it easy on them.

VIKINGS -7 over Redskins

The Vikings and Redskins will be playing a very, very meaningful game on Sunday Night. They will be playing for the advantage on the last spot in the NFC Wild Card race with one game to play, who would have thought that a number of weeks ago. The Vikings are much more offensively talented than the Redskins and they will use their two runningback system to wear out the Redskins, much like they did to the Bears. The Redskins also start Todd Collins at quarterback, so there is another reason to go with the Vikes.

Broncos +7 over CHARGERS

The Chargers have clinched the AFC West and they destroyed the Broncos earlier in the season, so what makes the Broncos cover? The Broncos play very inconsistently, and if they do come to play this week they have a shot to cover. Tomlinson won’t play more than a half of the game and Gates has been nowhere to be found. If the Broncos ever had a chance to beat the Chargers, it would be this week.

With all the picks made it is time for me to remind you that these are merely the best plays on the board as I see them and they are not guaranteed winners, nothing is guaranteed. I hope you have fun with these NFL selections and good luck this weekend. All lines are gathered from and from and were accurate at the time of this article being written. Keep in mind, line movement may occur.

Remember not to bet more than you can afford to lose and that wagering should be for fun only. If you have a gambling problem I urge you not to place a wager.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Poker Site

Search engine optimization (SEO) is easily the most sought after “holy grail” for webmasters today. Poker and gambling websites are no different. There is a bunch of poker information on the internet and trying to get search engine users to get to your poker site can be tough. Here are some poker SEO tips to help you and your poker site to become a success. The success of the players will be excellent at Pkv Games site. The information should be correct and accurate for the players. The ranking s and ratings can be checked at online search engines for playing in the game tournaments. 

Poker SEO Tip #1: Plan, Plan, Plan!

Most webmasters just want to get their poker website up and running because they feel that the faster they get it online, the sooner they will be making money. They want to get their poker site online and then work on search engine optimization. This is a horrible strategy and setting up SEO requires planning in the areas of content and architecture choices. Plan, and then launch your poker or gambling website.

Poker SEO Tip #2: Your Website Needs to be Content Rich.

You need to write good content and you need to write a lot of it. The more you have, the more keyword phrases the search engines can include you in the rankings for and so you will get more traffic from each. Also, each page that you have on your site, if it links to the other pages you have, then that will help you since your own site’s links work too for SEO. Also, the more good content you have, the more likely other webmasters, especially poker webmasters, will want to link to you and your articles. The more pages you have, the more traffic you will get, the more traffic you have the more money you’ll get. Plain and simple.

Poker SEO Tip #3: Keep It Simple Stupid

First off, keep your domain simple. Yes, you won’t be able to own or but you can still can find a simple and easy to remember poker domain by just taking a few minutes and brainstorming different aspects of poker and possibly using those for your domain name. (ie: Also, your design should be just as simple. Limit the images. If you need pictures to graphically illustrate a certain poker strategy that is fine, but other than that, there’s only so much a picture can tell you (and in poker, it’s usually not 1000’s words.) The less pictures, flash or javascript that you have on your page, the faster it will load and search engine spiders will be able to crawl your site faster.

Poker SEO Tip #4: Basic SEO Stuff Works

You don’t need to pay a professional tons of money to take care of basic search engine optimization techniques for your poker and gambling website. You must know what keywords you want your page to rank for. Then, you need to emphasize those keywords by including them in your title and description tags, in your header tags, in the actual text of the content on your pages, in the alternative (alt) text of the images that you do have, and emphasizing your keywords in italics or bold. The search engines and your users will enjoy the fact that you make it clear what your page is about.

Poker SEO Tip #5: Don’t Obsess Over Getting Links

If your site is good, then you will get links to your site. If your poker site isn’t that good, then you will probably have a hard time getting links. Only trade links with good quality websites. Having your link posted at a couple thousand places won’t do anything for you, or will do very little for your poker site. Submit your poker site to directories, participate in poker communities and forums. Don’t spam the forums, but if you are a good contributing member, then people will want to check out your site in your profile or your signature.

Poker SEO Tip #6: Don’t Resort To Shady Tricks

In an attempt to get tons of visitors fast and make a lot of quick money, poker and gambling site owners are tempted to resort to things that will get your site ranked lower or banned from major search engines. You may make a few bucks quickly on your poker site but it will diminish once people can’t find your site on the big name search engines. Do you want fast money or money for years to come? Poker isn’t going anywhere and your site should stay strong enough doing things the right way.

You won’t learn everything there is to know about SEO by reading a few articles. The same is true with poker. Many people lost a lot of money because they learn how to play poker from ESPN’s little 2-minute blurb about Texas Hold’em and they think they are a professional. But, by learning the basics and capitalizing on playing in the right games and the right hands, many people can consistently win in poker. The same is true with your site. Good luck with creating one of the next up and coming poker website by utilizing some simple SEO techniques.

Why Gambling is so Addictive: Reasons and Evidence

Why Do People Gamble? Gambling can be defined as any behavior involving the risk of money or valuables on the outcome of a game, contest, or another event on platforms such as ufabet. Not only is gambling an extremely popular activity, but it is also a very expensive, sometimes devastating one. Although it occasionally turns that lucky person into a millionaire, it much more often throws a person into financial ruin, digging him or her in holes too deep to recover from. If it becomes addicting, which it often does, it can even ruin a person’s life and marriage. So if the chance of losing and the pain that loss can cause is so much greater than the chance of winning and the happiness that winning can bring, why exactly do people gamble? Gambling is an activity that is done socially, can add fun and excitement to one’s life, and of course, gives a person a chance to win money.

Many people gamble for the sole purpose to win money or help with a financial problem. Some people may start gambling to try and get themselves out of debt. However, many people who gamble for this reason often end up losing even more money than they started out owing. Say for instance a person goes into a casino one day and loses $200. The next day he/she goes back to try and make his/her money back and loses $400. The person, who originally was trying to make money, now is just trying to make back the money he/she has already lost and come out even. Some people gamble because they are good at it and consistently win money. A professional poker player may have played long enough where they know the odds of winning each hand and are good at reading other players. In blackjack, some people are able to “count cards,” allowing them to accurately predict the next card coming based on percentages and odds. A person may also be good at betting on professional sports because they have done a lot of research and know the teams well. Sometimes a person may be feeling lucky and think it’s his/her lucky day despite consistent losses in the past. Furthermore, a person may gamble solely because he/she is confident in his/her abilities. This person may bet on something as simple as making a basketball shot or a round of golf.

Gambling has greatly grown in popularity because it is very fun and exciting. The rise in popularity can clearly be seen in the World Series of Poker, a poker tournament in Las Vegas involving a $10,000 tournament buy-in. The World Series of Poker official website states the number of players in the tournament has grown from 839 people in 2003 to 8,773 people in 2007. Many love the challenge and adrenaline rushes that these card games and other forms of gambling bring. There are many types of gambling, each involving a different skill. Card games require a person to know odds, be able to read other players that are opponents, and of course require luck. Slot machines require a lot of patience because many times it takes a lot of spins to win big. Betting on sports requires an understanding of the teams playing and the Vegas lines which means some research is necessary. The many types of gambling allow someone who fails at one type to find something they are good at. Some may say that the level of competition goes up if there is something on the line. A friendly one-on-one basketball game can turn into a fierce competition in which the players would do anything to win now that they have something at risk. Many find this competition more enjoyable. Sometimes gambling is done because someone may be bored, and it is something easy and exciting to do. It is even so easy to gamble now that it can be done online, at the convenience of one’s home in the forms of online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks, such as Bodog and the Ultimate Bet. Recently, Betting on sports has also dramatically grown. The Super Bowl is the most widely bet on a game in the world. According to the American Gaming Association, an estimated $8 billion is wagered every year on the Super Bowl. March Madness, the NCAA basketball tournament involving 64 college basketball teams, is second with an estimated $2.5 billion dollars bet during the tournament. A fan may bet on his/her favorite sports team to show support, or a person may bet on a sporting event just to add meaning to a game they would otherwise care nothing about. For example, pre-season football games are very commonly bet on just to make them exciting to watch. A game that means nothing to the team now means everything to the gambler. This is just another instance in which gambling can add excitement to an otherwise boring event.

Although not believed to be socially acceptable by many, gambling is an activity that is often done socially. Home poker games involving a bunch of friends getting together to play cards are becoming very popular. These often include a lot of food and drinks, with laughter very commonly heard. They serve the same purpose as going out to the movies or going bowling, to have fun. Bachelor and bachelorette parties often take place at a casino, involving group gambling and drinking for hours. Others may go to the casino just to meet new people. Betting on a game with a group of friends such as a round of golf is also very common. This provides some friendly competition and often includes trash-talking, fun, and more laughter along the way. The winner then has bragging rights until the next time they meet for a rematch. Gambling is also something that most of the time doesn’t require much physical success, although it does often bring much mental strain, so it can be done at any age. An athlete cannot perform at the same level as he/she could at a young age because his/her body may wear down. However, someone who gambles can do so at any age and may even get better as he/she gets older from experience. Doyle Brunson, “The Texas Dolly,” is a very successful professional poker player who is now 74 years old and has been playing poker for over 50 years. In no other sport is an athlete able to compete for that long. Gambling events are even organized for the elderly including weekly bingo nights and other related activities.

Gambling has been around forever and will continue to play a great role in society. Even though it can bring much pain and misfortune to a person, ruining his/her future, it is still a big part of many people’s lives. It is not only participated in for the chance to win money, but also many other reasons. If someone who gambles does so with intelligence, it can bring much fun and excitement to a person for the remainder of his/her life.

A Gambler’s Tale: Walking Away a Winner

Gambling has become a past time for myself and several of the people I assoicate with. It seems every week there is a new story to share around the office concerning the lateset trip to the casino. Well here is my latestest tale from Sept. 8.

My gambling friend from Kansas came down and we visited Kaw Southwind Casino in Newkirk, Oklahoma. I could not wait to vist my Shockwave machine that had been so nice to me for two weeks in a row. During that time span I had won over $300, a record for myself. So off we went. Well on this day, lady luck was not with me but instead she visited my friend. After about an hour I was down $80. The machine was not giving me the $150 mountain bonus screen I had grown accustomed to seeing.

Instead my friend got the mountain and she was up almost $200. Not bad for starting the venture with only $35. After risking the milk money and only winning $5 of my losses back, I decided it was time to fold. My friend agreed. As we headed to the vehicles, she decided that she had to go back in and take 100 spins on a Money Bags machine. After a brief moment of discussing the possible outcomes of such a venture, we were back in the casino.

I agreed to be the spin counter. So the money was inserted and the spinning began. The machine was feeling good, and produced cherrys and bars. We had already spun 20 times and still had over $90 on the machine. Then the machine hit a red zone, and the amount grew. After a few more red zones, the cash amount was over $200.

We were in shock. This kind of thing rarely happens to us, as we are usually the small people, thrilled to get $40 bucks or better.

It is a big game and $40 count just as much as $200 because whether it is judi online or roulette, what matters is that a big round provides an unlimited dose of fun and entertainment.

We took the ticket and headed to another room where we would play a collection of Money Bag machines. She would insert the ticket and I would start the countdown. One spin, two spin, three spin, I would count. Amazingly the machines kept hitting and going red. The cash total kept hovering between $180-$200 or better.

We traveled to every room in the casino spinning machines. Feeling a moment of bravery, we decided to take a ride on a $5 machine, of course after suggesting such a risk, I was quick to remind her that it was her money and not to risk it if she didn’t want to. Being a good friend I would then expalin the flip side to the risk and how much money she could win.

My friend was in disbelief as she slowly inserted the ticket worth over $200 and hit the button. Ring went the slot, as it handed out another $30 on the first spin. That went so well she spun it again, as I counted. The second $5 spin was a bust and it was time to find another room to finish out the 100 spins.

We played a machine and according to our counting game we were going to bet the max of $3 on the 100th spin. Well, we let fear take over and only bet a $1. To our shock that was the spin the machine hit big on and we would have had over $300 on one spin.

Still playing the good friend role, I decided to remind her jokingly every 15 minutes that she should have bet $3 and if she would have hit her goal of $300 or better and we would not still be there suffering from second hand smoke.

The journey continued and the machines kept spinning, I kept coounting, and she kept betting. The cash amount seemed stuck between $250 and $280. She wanted $300 bad. Then finally we ventured to a 50 cent machine and bet two. I started the counting and she started the spinning. Then, the machine went red and the Moneybags symbols appeared and the total flew to $360.

We looked at each other and said should have bet $3. Then the debate was on, shoot for $400 or not, before we knew it she was spinning and I was counting as we attempted to reach $400.

After 300 more spins and some minor winnings, common sense took over and the cash out button was hit, but not before we spun the amount from $360 to $320.

She tipped me $50 for counting and tipped the little guy cleaning the machines $20 because he shined one of the many winning machines.

As we walked out the door I looked at my friend and said you should have bet 3, and she said I know it.

Stay tuned for more gambling tales as they become available.

Texas Holdem Poker Guide-The Early Stage of a “Sit and Go”

Texas Holdem has copious amounts of variations it can be played, and the “sit and go” is one of the more popular ones. Playing a “sit and go” is easy, but making money consistently, well, that’s more of a challenge than you think. I have put together this series of articles, and it will explain every aspect you need to know to be a profitable “sit and go” player as you play Poker Online

The early stage of a “sit and go” is very boring, and patience is the name of the game. Let me say that one more time; patience is the name of the game, and if you don’t possess this quality, you need to find another hobby. When you start playing a “sit and go,” you will immediately see your impatient players, and what we call “donkeys,” just throwing their chips away.

The early stages of a “sit and go” are considered the first three blind levels. Just sit back and watch the players, and gather your information. Trust me; you are going to need to know what type of players you’re up against because towards the end of the “sit and go,” you’re going to have to steal blinds and other tactics to win chips.

This is your typical early stage play, and you’re folding every hand, except when you hold a monster hand. Usually, there will be 3 or four players that play just about every hand; observe these players, just in case one of them make it to the middle or late stage of the “sit and go.” These will be the players that pay you off–sit back–wait for the monster hands.

That’s what you do in the early stages of a “sit and go,” you sit and wait to set a weak player up and keep an eye on the good players that are doing the same as you. The good players know how to fold their hands, so you will be able to use this to your advantage, unlike the “donkeys” out there. Donkeys will not fold their hands, so don’t try to steal from them, wait until you have the goods and knock them out.

What Are The Perks Of Playing Online Casinos?

A lot of us really love to go out and play a couple of casino games. It is the one thing people do with their friends on the weekends and on their days off. Meanwhile, there are also people that prefer to stay home and just go to an online casino like dominoqq. In this article, we are going to talk about the perks of using an online casino.


Just so you know, even though going to a real casino is a lot more fun since you get to go with your friends, online casinos are still better because you get to receive a reward and bonus just for being part of the community. This is something that you won’t find in the traditional casino. It’s really awesome because money, after all, is the real reason people go to a casino.

Game Collections

There are far more varieties in terms of games in online casinos. The games in a real casino revolves around the traditional types. 

If you have played all the games in the casino already, going to an online casino will be a wonderful experience for you since you get to play more advanced versions of the games that you have always played. Digital technology really helped up the game of the casino industry.


This probably is the most obvious reason a lot of people prefer the online casino in comparison to the real deal. Just think about it. You no longer have to deal with traffic nor do you have to worry about the large crowds of people there that you have to get along with just to get a good game.

With the online casino, you can begin to play the slot machine even when you are still in your pajamas. There is no need to argue with any cashier in the casino anymore.

In 2020: what are the 5 poker tips for playing and winning?

It is very interesting as well as fascinating for players to cherish poker games. As a reason, here, one will find players from all over the world. Whether you consider online poker games or visit a casino, you will get players from different countries. Also, situs judi online is being considered as a source for playing gambling games and earning money through it. Here, in this article, after scrolling down, you will be going to read about the 5 poker tips for playing and winning the entire game. By practicing, you will become a professional in gambling games. As a reason, it is very important to know all the tips and tricks for playing such games. 

The 5 poker tips for playing and winning poker games:

  • If you are a beginner, then you will see a waitlist in casinos, so it is important for you to put your name out there. It is beneficial if you will go through the checklist so that you can play games according to your turn.
  • Do not drink alcohol before or during the game because it will distract you from playing poker games in casinos. It is beneficial to focus on your game rather than drinking alcohol for fun. 
  • Make your own strategies and tips while playing the game so that it becomes beneficial for you to play and win.
  • Go through all the rules and regulations so that one can easily focus on the games. 

  • Do not become over-excited with the interiors and design of casinos. As a reason, it is made for attracting visitors. 

All the 5 poker tips for playing and winning poker games are listed in the above section so that one can easily go through it. 

Counting Cards at Blackjack and the Average Player

First, “counting cards” and “average player” are oxymorons. The average player is not capable of counting cards to provide himself with an advantage. The average player lacks the mental acuity, the skill, and the self control while playing. If the average player finds the mental acuity, develops the skill, and works at the self control until they are an advantage player, they are no longer average.

For the purposes of this treatise perhaps the concept should be changed to “Average Advantage Player’ That being the case, a reasonable comment upon percentage of return can be made.

Some players when calculating wins and losses include the complimentary items offered such as drinks, meals, rooms, and shows. Those items are not included in these comments.

Several assumptions have to be made.

The rules of the game must be assumed as they change from casino to casino giving the player a different percentage result. There are games that are being dealt that where it is impossible to gain an overall advantage. There are games that are being dealt that almost offer the player an even break without counting cards.

It is important to note that all casinos have their own set of rules and regulations that have to be adhered to and blackjack is a game that most players are fiercely passionate about and not like your regular poker online terpercaya because the higher your stakes, the greater will be your stature as an expert gambler.

The speed of the game enters into the calculation. The amount of money wagered if a game is proceeding at 60 hands an hour is different when a game proceeds at 100 hands an hour.

The ability of the player to boldly put money on the table is important as is the acceptance of the casino of dramatically varying amounts bet on each hand.

Finally, to succeed, the player must have not only enough money in reserve to withstand serious runs of losing hands but the fortitude to play through them. This, perhaps, is the biggest boulder in the road to success in blackjack.

Percentage of return can now be discussed.

There are appropriate strategies for play and definitions of good and bad games that have been published in books and are readily available. If a player can find a game that offers play and allows betting variation, it is possible to find a game that will offer the player a 1% advantage. This figure is arbitrary in that there are games that offer greater advantage as well as those that offer lesser.

When playing blackjack, the dealer will win the majority of the hands. The object in advantage blackjack is to play correctly so as to keep that dealer’s majority to the smallest possible number. Then when the composition of the deck is to the player’s advantage, the bet should be increased so that the money won makes up for that lost when the dealer has the advantage.

It is easy to calculate that if a player has an average wager of $10 in a game that runs at 60 hands an hour, that player is wagering $600 an hour. It is also clear cut that if the player has a 1% advance, he should expect, over the long run, to win $6 for every hour played. In reverse, it can be calculated that if a player wishes to win $25 every hour they play in a 60 hand per hour game, his average beg must be in the neighborhood of $45.

Remaining, however, with the average wager of $10 and 60 hands an hour, a spread develops between the minimum and the maximum bets. To develop an overall advantage, it is likely that most hours will require approximately 40 wagers of $5, 10 wagers of $10, and 8 wagers of $20, and 2 wagers of $75. Playing correctly and betting those amounts in a 1% advantage game will on the average produce $6 an hour profit. To increase those winnings to $25 per hour would require a spread of betting from $40 to $300 per hand.

There are at least two major problems for the advantage player.

Problem #1 is that the makeup of the cards to be dealt is a random occurrence. There is no guarantee that the composition will ever become favorable to the player. The casino does things like not dealing a group of cards at the bottom of the deck or shuffling when it wants to make sure that this advantage remains with the casino. It is possible that a couple hours might pass with the composition of the deck of cards requiring that the player bet only his minimum bet. This betting would occur at perhaps a 1% disadvantage and without any potential profits, a $5 player would be behind not only two hours work and $6 cash but also the $12 profit he’d expected.

It is also possible that the player would be behind or ahead much more than $6 or $12 but several hundreds of dollars based upon “luck”.

Problem #2 is a result of that “luck”. It is probably that times will occur when every small money bet that is made will be a winning bet and every larger bet made when the composition of the deck is favorable to the player will be a losing bet. If that happened in the averages discussed above, the player would lose $200 an hour.

This problem has two ramifications. One is that unless the player is well funded, his bankroll disappears before he has a chance to start winning. The amount of bankroll needed is discussed at length in most books regarding advantage play. Second is that the player must display that fortitude discussed above to continue play without deviation. Even though the player is probably devastated and feeling crushed, they cannot plunge or become timid if they expect to consistently win.

It should be clear at this point that the “average” player is probably at a loss when attempting advantage play. It is an “exceptional” player that can master the skills, mental acuity, and self control to become a blackjack player that can count cards and become an advantage player. It, however, is a goal that is fun to attempt and can not only be devastating but can be thrillingly rewarding.

That is not to say that blackjack is not a fun game. It is. When played with skill and a minor amount of care, it is close to a break even method to spend a pleasant afternoon or evening in an air conditioned fun environment drinking complimentary drinks, having a free meal, and occasionally seeing a free show or staying over in a free room.


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