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Black Jack Games Being Provided By Play Tech Software For Online Casinos

Blackjack is one of the favorite casino games that are being played by casino gaming lovers globally. The Playtech software gaming company is a reputed software gaming provider that is offering various gaming options to the online casino gaming companies. However, the Playtech when compared with other online casino gaming providers has less number or collection of Black Jack games. The main objective of Playtech till to this day is on slots and arcade games. Therefore, it may be reason why there are few black Jack variants. The quality of existing Black Jack games provided by the Playtech is excellent.

The basic form or version of black jack in the Playtech software is titled as Black Jack and these games are not attached to any other tags like the Vegas Strip or the European Strip as being named by gaming providers of recent origin. The Black Jack game offered by Playtech software provider is a European variant where the dealer do not investigate for black jack as happens in European versions. The help file provided by Playtech software gives rules for doubling and splitting in the game of Black Jack. The Black jack provided by Playtech is based on a multi-hand format that may go up to five hands. The most charismatic feature of the Black Jack is that a player of 10 cards Charlie automatically wins.

The Black Jack types offered by Playtech software include the Black Jack Surrender which is an American black jack variant. In this game the player can give up in case the dealer investigates for black jack and the player has also an option to regain his or her wager at least half of it. The other type of Black Jack that is introduced by Playtech is the Black Jack Switch which can be said to be USP of the entire black jack being introduced by the Playtech. The Black Jack Switch is not being provided by any other software provider. In this game the player is required to play with two hands. The player can in his or her two hands is allowed to switch the cards after the initial cards are dealt with. This move in certain cases turns the two hands that are weak into strong ones. The Black Jack Switch has also been provided with an alternative of Super Match Side.

Another Black Jack type that is being offered by Playtech is the Lucky Black Jack that is based on the fixed odds games based on black jack. The main aim of this game is to guess the real value of the dealer hand in the finals and in this game only the dealer’s hand is dealt. The options available are from 21 to 17 along with the dealer bust and black jack. The payouts start from 19 to 1 for black jack and 2 to 1 pertaining to bust in the pay outs range.

The other variant of Black Jack of Playtech is the 21 Dual Black Jack and this game is quite challenging where the players’ moves are quiet modified. In this game, the player is dealt on card face down and the other card is dealt on face up. Other variants of Black Jack being offered by Play tech include Progressive Black Jack and Pontoon Black jack.