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Question by : laptop info,will creating a new account hide me from a banned site-poker ,my moms trying to play thare on my c?

i tried to make her an account on my lap top and the site restricted me to having multiple accounts, my account was frozen,so either there reading my i.p or does changing accounts via logging off and creating a new administrative account on my lap top then downloading ther poker client change info,cant i go to starbucks and use my lap top, then how to block or change i.p i already created an account for her via my freinds computer but iam scared if i sign her to my lap top they will restrict u cant be associated with some one whos owes alot of money,, do u think that switching user accounts on my same laptop would matter


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Answer by GamBit

Its bit strange as I’m sure there are IP addresses that are accessed by many users if they are using network connection so, that shouldn’t be a problem. Why not contact them and ask what the problem might be? If 2 different people open separate accounts, then I really can’t see what the problem is.

Answer by DivideByZero

A new Windows login wouldn’t do anything.

Like I said before, you can spoof your MAC address. See this:

A mac address is assigned to each connection chip. When you connect to the internet via wireless, your mac address is different than when you connect via LAN because the two means use two different cards. Likewise, if you use a USB wireless card like I said, that would have its own mac address and so the poker site would be seeing a mac address you never used before.

As for IP, I think in the case of a shared network, each user is assigned a unique IP. Therefore I think the poker site does look at your IP. You can’t change your IP except I guess by changing your ISP. You can use a proxy service like Tor but I doubt poker will work with Tor running. So you just have to connect to the internet from some place other than home. Or see if you can connect to any of your neighbors’ wifi (hopefully one of their networks isn’t encrypted).

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