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How To Cash Out Online Casino Bonuses

Today, perhaps, the most attractive feature of online gambling is bonuses, as it is a great way to play casino games without investing your own money. Online casino bonuses are a kind of generosity of link bola88 and other gambling sites. “Free” money is usually given in exchange for signing up or some other achievements, such as long play, for example. It is a kind of attraction, that allows online casinos to welcome as many gamblers as possible.

You know that the bonuses may be absolutely different and that the most common one is a signup bonus, which can be either match or percentage depending on what gambling site you are playing at. It is easy to get the bonus, but it is not so easy to cash it out. Every U.S. online casino has wagering or in other words playthrough requirements. It was introduced to protect from bonus hunters, who usually roam from one online casino to another to collect bonuses. These wagering requirements are sometimes difficult to find, as it is not a very pleasant part of online gambling. I suppose that many people are still unaware of that system of cashing out, and that’s why it can be not a very pleasant surprise for them when they’ll try to transfer money to the account.

It is strictly necessary to read terms and conditions, which describe every detail of wagering requirements. Every online casino offers different terms of cashing out, and some of them are more user-friendly than others. They can be found right at the site, and please don’t ignore them. However, today I want to give a brief general description of these playthrough requirements for you to have an idea, of what it means.

So when you get an online casino bonus, a certain sum of money is credited to your account. And to cash it, you need to follow certain rules. In general wagering requirements are the number of times you should increase the sum at your account. In some online casinos, you should increase only the sum of the credited bonus, while in the others it will be a bonus plus the first deposit you’ve made. These wagering requirements are usually expressed in certain percents, and they may vary from 15x to 40x. According to many observations, 40x is usually referred to as more generous bonuses, which seem to be too attractive from first sight.

Let’s take an example to clear up the matter. For example, you register in an online casino and send $100 to the account as the first deposit. You are offered a 100% match bonus, so the total amount of money at the account will be $200. Let’s suggest that the wagering requirement is 20x. So an easy calculation shows that you need to place bets up to $4000 cash it. I suppose for somebody it will take really a long time to fulfill the task. However, sometimes online casinos offer softer wagering requirements, and in this case, it is really worth accepting such an alluring offer. However, to check it, it is necessary to study terms and conditions.

There is one more peculiarity, that concerns online casino bonuses and makes cashing out even more complicated. Sometimes not all the games count for 100% value of placed bets. It means, that when you play blackjack, for example, not all bets you are making will be referred to wagering requirements. Slots usually count for 100%, while blackjack and roulette contribute only a small sum.

That’s why it is necessary to be especially careful about it if you want to avoid awkward and unpleasant situations. Sometimes it may even happen that online casinos are offering so-called “sticky” bonuses, which are simply uncashable. It means that when you come to withdraw money, the sum of a bonus will be subtracted. And I’ll repeat once again: be careful and everything will be OK.

Jane Johnson is a master poker player and a keen writer. She is here to evaluate a different gaming strategies that are available online and how effective they are in real life