Football Soccer World Cup


The event of football world cup is the most popular and watched sports event in the world. Today, the world cup overshadows the Olympics. The world cup is held after every four years, and the countries compete to host this event. Tickets for the matches are sold out a year before the event takes place.

The 2010 football world cup was held in South Africa, and tickets for the matches were sold out by June 2009. More and more countries are competing for this mega event and 204 countries strived to qualify for a place in the last 32 teams that play in the world cup final stages.

World cup betting is quite popular around the world, and it’s quite simple. There are varieties of bets that can be placed in world cup betting. In the United States, their football is very different to what the world knows as football, and so it is known as soccer. You can place a bet on an outright win, or you can bet on a draw as well.

This is where soccer betting differs from other sports. For example, Italy is playing New Zealand, and the odds are Italy +300, New Zealand -200, and draw +250. If the match is a draw, you will walk away with $200 on every $100 bet. Football soccer games have started generating a lot of interest in soccer betting. Soccer games, which were not popular in the United States are now generating a lot of interest since the national team started faring quite well in the world cup. The bettors can examine the odds being offered, review their team standing, and then place their bets.

Asides from the simple win or draw bets, there are so many world cup betting options. You can bet on a potential team to score the first goal, the number of goals a team will score in a match, and the number of goals a favorite player will score. Another bet in soccer betting is the over/under bet, which varies between 2 and 2.5. If the over/under bet is 2.5, it means that your team must win by at least 3 goals, or lose by not more than 2 goals.

These are the popular bets that are placed in world cup betting, but there are other bets that are offered by bookies and soccer sportsbook online betting sites. You can bet on which team will score a goal in the first ten minutes, or whether a semi-final, or final game will go into extra time, or a penalty shootout.

World football (soccer) matches start a year before the final event is held and betting starts once the national teams start playing qualifying matches. Ardent football fans and bettors start placing bets as soon as the draws are announced and the qualifying matches get under way. The next world cup will be held in Brazil, and they hold the world record of  winning the world football cup five times. Close to one third of the world’s population watched the 2010 world cup final match on television, and the number is expected to grow in the future world cups.

The world cup season is just around the corner and most of the bookies are on the lookout for free tipsters so that they can learn some new tricks of the trade in order to place their money’s worth on the best players and Brazil has some of the best football players on the planet and with the news of increasing number of players in the future is surely going to increase the level of enthusiasm of fans across the globe.