Fancy A Career In Poker Without Being A Professional Player


Contrary to what people may believe, you don’t have to be a professional poker player to enjoy a career in the poker industry. This industry is expanding all the time, both online and live in the real world out there. Even Swedish company Entraction has signed a deal to take their online poker systems into China. You also don’t have to be technological whizz-kid to work in the poker industry – all you really need is a good working knowledge of the game, a great deal of interest and the desire to travel and star on TV. Perhaps journalism may also be of assistance if you have a degree in this field. If you want to build a career in gambling, then you can register at mega888 apk download for the playing of the games. There is complete assistance available through the professionals to the beginners. A pleasant experience is available to the players at the online platform. 

Being a poker writer, I see advertisements all the time, the poker tours are looking for hosts, but mostly hostesses as an attractive addition to this wonderful game. Just think of the travel opportunities and all the people you could enjoy the opportunity of meeting? Poker tournaments are played all over the US, the UK, Europe, Australia, Macau, the Bahamas, Central and South America.

This is what Amanda Leatherman does and now she is part TV Personality, poker tour presenter, and part poker player; apparently a brilliant young ambassador for the game. Poker players are getting in younger and this game has tons of youth appeal. She got her start as an online poker hostess in 2006 for PokerWire and later graduated to PokerNews. From there she landed a job as the PokerNews hostess/correspondent for the World Poker Tour. She has met and conducted dozens of interviews with world renowned poker players and is on of the latest inductees onto the PokerStars Team. She has Daniel Negreanu’s approval, but then again, every time a new pretty face is signed to the PokerStars team he has something nice to say – I say he has goo-goo eyes for the girls!

With the recent launch for the North American Poker Tour (NAPT) Amanda Leatherman left the WPT to concentrate on this great new event. We are expecting big things to come out of this poker tour including a few more new dates during 2011. She is acting as a Webcast Hostess to interview participating players, and I see that PokerNews is advertising for a new poker hostess.

Amanda recons that the NAPT is going to be the next big poker attraction as it has positioned itself to be popular with both a web-broadcast fan base and a well established television viewership. She obviously believes in it enough to have left the WPT. Or perhaps this poker tour just happens to make it easier for her to combine a busy poker playing schedule and her first choice in career – but will she be playing more poker, does she even have the time?