Crisicism Of Poker For Younger Generation – Know them!!

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This article is about the criticism of poker game on the kids/young generation. As can be seen on the recent cover of Newsweek magazine, it’s a child who is holding an electronic device in hand which has poker cards displayed on its screen, it clearly depicts that the issue is relating to the online poker games. The expressions which the child is giving despite of having royal flush in his hand, they are plain, this gives an arouse to criticizing statements relating to the trend being increased for online poker and its effects on the young generation.

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According to some recent researches it has been found that apart from adults indulged in this activity, the children ages around 15-22 are victims of this game as they become depressed and more aggressive regarding their play, which makes them vulnerable to illegal activities. According to legal authorities this can be a harassing effect for the society on the whole. In United States of America this issues has become the most argued topic and the concern arises that parents should take steps to minimize the use of online poker games among their children.

Apart from just parents several questions have been raised that departments of justice should also take steps to consider the web gambling being legalized in their respective borders, it should be either completely banned or the proportion of this online game play should be framed

In United States of America the states that have legalized and regulated the use of online poker games includes Delaware and New jersey, others are keen at taking steps to prevent this issue from further exploiting the norms of the society. According to some analysts, it is very difficult to restrict online gambling and the internet has become so vast, it gives a million of ways to access a single thing. It cannot be stopped but can be restricted to maximum, the online poker sites should apply a check over the identity and age of the poker players being registered on the website, and it will help restrain the underage gambling to some extent. Though with this it is also not possible to achieve a 100% result but it will help to a greater extent.

Now let us look at the reviews and statements of an analyst who explored the cases of some children being offended by this online poker game.

According to Derevensky, children who are once hooked by this game may take years to recover; some kids even have committed suicide after being exploited by the high risks of this game. Kids addicted to poker use their parent’s credit cards or anything they can find and use it to play poker. He said it’s not the fault of children alone; these unfortunate lads have been made addicted to video games and online shows by their parents which is damaging their mindsets indirectly. The children who suffers from poker dilemma, they are not the alone sufferers, it’s the whole family that has to go through this. The legal age of poker should be made 21.