Casino Online Tips. DO NOT FALL for THEM


If you are searching the web to make money online, you will often find that playing Russian Roullette will be one of them that you can try on dominoqq and earn money online with your card skills. 

You will get a very cheaply made website come up with tips on how to beat the casino, sometimes there are videos from youtube showing you how they do it. For one most of the time they are not playing for real money they are playing for fun, which means they are not really showing you that the system works.

The system usually involves you betting on the black in roulette and if it lands on a red you double up on what you bet last time until you get a black, they will tell you by doubling up when you eventually get a black you will not make a loss at all but you will get a profit. It does sound true but I have tried this method out on many casinos and if you play with that system eventually you will get up to 7 or 8 reds in a row, resulting in you losing all your money as you can’t continue because you’ve run out of money. Just think to yourself if you deposit £50 or $50 and you lose it all. All your hard-earned cash gone, think twice before you fall for the scam.

Also, you will notice that they will explain what they will get out of telling you this advice. They tell you they make nothing, they will say because they’ve made so much money they think they should pass on the information and let the small guy win for once. Could it be true? yes, it certainly sounds true but they do get something out of you, and a lot of people don’t even realize it!

When you scroll down the page sometimes they person will say the tip only works on three casinos and there will be a list of three that you can click and it will open a download page. Pretty simple for you, you get all this advice plus don’t even have to look for a casino download it all there for you. All you need to do is download the casino, sign up, deposit cash and play to win big money. Can you see where they have got you yet?

By you clicking the casino on their page that opens up a link they get paid its called affiliate marketing, they have just made you sign up under them, they will not get a sum of money for doing that. When you also deposit the cash they get paid a percentage. So while your thinking ‘oh this guy is helping me out’. He is not!!! he is getting paid while your losing all your money. Please do not fall for this scam, no matter how god it sounds the casino always wins in the end. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

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