Casino Etiquette Around The World – Know about the casino


Wherever in the world you choose to play casino, certain rules will apply —written and unwritten—so that you can fully enjoy the experience. Other players and the establishment expect you to be respectful of others to ensure that it will be a place for fun and entertainment for everyone.

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There are certain etiquettes expected from customers and we will list down the things that you should and should not do inside the doors of a gaming place.

Avoid bringing in electronic gadgets

Many casinos prefer that you don’t bring electronic gadgets with you on the gaming floor. Hotel and casino security are constantly on the lookout for players who are trying to get a photograph or a video of casino machines and tables. If they catch anyone doing so, these people are quickly removed from the gaming floor.

The truth is, you don’t have to surrender your smart phone at the door, but if you expect to be welcomed at tables while surfing on Facebook, you are in for a surprise.

Don’t forget to tip

Etiquette certainly suggests that you leave tips for dealers. If you think that their job is easy and glamorous, think again. In most casinos, dealers and servers work for minimum wage and they depend on the generosity of their patrons to make a living.

You shouldn’t hand them chips or cash directly, however, because they are not allowed to accept that. The “Eye in the Sky” is watching your every move as well as your dealer’s. Instead, put the cash or chips on the table; that’s the only way that they’ll accept it.

Keep talking to a minimum

If you are playing strategy games such as poker or blackjack, try not to talk too much because doing so will distract other players and even the dealer. It is alright though to introduce yourself briefly. Your name and hometown should be enough; this will take the tension off the table and the players, especially if you are just a beginner. After introducing yourself, focus on your game instead of babbling because you might irk the other players.

Don’t offer or ask for advice

In the casino, it is normal to find the “Hey, I know everything!” personality. This is the kind of player who feels that he should advise other players on matters of strategy, but it doesn’t mean that you should be one of them. Let people play the way they want to play; after all, they didn’t go there to be taught, right?

At the same time, don’t ask for advice from other players or the dealer once you are on the table. You are expected to have done your homework and that you at least know the basic strategies before even entering the casino doors. In a nut shell, don’t learn from the table. There are many resources available for you to learn from.

Mind your table manners

This is specifically referring to when a game is already in play. If you want to join a game that’s already ongoing, you must politely ask the current players if they mind. The addition of a player mid-game alters the count and current players may feel that you will negatively affect the outcome of the game for them. Of course you can sit down anytime, but asking politely is still the right thing to do.