A Gambler’s Tale: Walking Away a Winner

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Gambling has become a past time for myself and several of the people I assoicate with. It seems every week there is a new story to share around the office concerning the lateset trip to the casino. Well here is my latestest tale from Sept. 8.

My gambling friend from Kansas came down and we visited Kaw Southwind Casino in Newkirk, Oklahoma. I could not wait to vist my Shockwave machine that had been so nice to me for two weeks in a row. During that time span I had won over $300, a record for myself. So off we went. Well on this day, lady luck was not with me but instead she visited my friend. After about an hour I was down $80. The machine was not giving me the $150 mountain bonus screen I had grown accustomed to seeing.

Instead my friend got the mountain and she was up almost $200. Not bad for starting the venture with only $35. After risking the milk money and only winning $5 of my losses back, I decided it was time to fold. My friend agreed. As we headed to the vehicles, she decided that she had to go back in and take 100 spins on a Money Bags machine. After a brief moment of discussing the possible outcomes of such a venture, we were back in the casino.

I agreed to be the spin counter. So the money was inserted and the spinning began. The machine was feeling good, and produced cherrys and bars. We had already spun 20 times and still had over $90 on the machine. Then the machine hit a red zone, and the amount grew. After a few more red zones, the cash amount was over $200.

We were in shock. This kind of thing rarely happens to us, as we are usually the small people, thrilled to get $40 bucks or better.

It is a big game and $40 count just as much as $200 because whether it is judi online or roulette, what matters is that a big round provides an unlimited dose of fun and entertainment.

We took the ticket and headed to another room where we would play a collection of Money Bag machines. She would insert the ticket and I would start the countdown. One spin, two spin, three spin, I would count. Amazingly the machines kept hitting and going red. The cash total kept hovering between $180-$200 or better.

We traveled to every room in the casino spinning machines. Feeling a moment of bravery, we decided to take a ride on a $5 machine, of course after suggesting such a risk, I was quick to remind her that it was her money and not to risk it if she didn’t want to. Being a good friend I would then expalin the flip side to the risk and how much money she could win.

My friend was in disbelief as she slowly inserted the ticket worth over $200 and hit the button. Ring went the slot, as it handed out another $30 on the first spin. That went so well she spun it again, as I counted. The second $5 spin was a bust and it was time to find another room to finish out the 100 spins.

We played a machine and according to our counting game we were going to bet the max of $3 on the 100th spin. Well, we let fear take over and only bet a $1. To our shock that was the spin the machine hit big on and we would have had over $300 on one spin.

Still playing the good friend role, I decided to remind her jokingly every 15 minutes that she should have bet $3 and if she would have hit her goal of $300 or better and we would not still be there suffering from second hand smoke.

The journey continued and the machines kept spinning, I kept coounting, and she kept betting. The cash amount seemed stuck between $250 and $280. She wanted $300 bad. Then finally we ventured to a 50 cent machine and bet two. I started the counting and she started the spinning. Then, the machine went red and the Moneybags symbols appeared and the total flew to $360.

We looked at each other and said should have bet $3. Then the debate was on, shoot for $400 or not, before we knew it she was spinning and I was counting as we attempted to reach $400.

After 300 more spins and some minor winnings, common sense took over and the cash out button was hit, but not before we spun the amount from $360 to $320.

She tipped me $50 for counting and tipped the little guy cleaning the machines $20 because he shined one of the many winning machines.

As we walked out the door I looked at my friend and said you should have bet 3, and she said I know it.

Stay tuned for more gambling tales as they become available.

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