4 Critical Online Poker Mistakes – Before You Play

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Some of the biggest mistakes you can make happen before you even sit down to play.

Think of the following concepts as fundamentals that most winning poker players use.

While playing at the รีวิวคาสิโนออนไลน์, you need to avoid the mistakes. There is no wastage of money at the online platform. Learning about the concept and fundamentals is essential for the players to have more benefits. As a result, there is meeting of the needs and requirements of the players. 

Critical Mistake #1

Playing Without Bankroll Management

It can be hard when your pocket aces get cracked or someone hits a miracle river card and crushes your stack.

It is even worse when it’s all the money you have to play with and one bad beat destroys your entire bankroll.

I remember the first time I deposited $50 into Full Tilt.

I sat down at one table with all my money and flopped two aces to go along with my AT. I thought it was easy money when I went all in, until the other player showed AJ and won all my money in one hand.

I was more careful with my next deposit and basically waited for AA or KK and tried to get in as much money as I could. That worked well until I went all in with AA against JJ and a third Jack came on the river to bust me.

If you play poker you are guaranteed to have bad beats. You have to play within your bankroll as insurance against the bad beats that are certain to happen at times.

A general rule for No Limit Texas Holdem is to have 15 – 20 buyins. For example, if you are buying in for $25 with .25 blinds, your bankroll should be around $300 – $500.

Bankroll management allows you to weather the downswings. If you play profitably and use good bankroll management, you will never go broke or bust your bankroll.

Critical Mistake #2

Playing Poker Without a Rakeback Deal

Rake is the small percentage of each pot that is taken by the poker room hosting the game to pay for their services. It can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars per month for each player.

When you sign up for a rakeback deal, you receive around 30% of that money paid directly back to you. This is like free money pouring into your poker account!

The first few months I played online poker I won $400 but paid over $1,500 in rake. I received 30% or $400 paid back to my account because I had a rakeback deal.

It doesn’t matter what poker games or limits you play, or how often you play. Rakeback will boost your profits and is the only source of poker income guaranteed to come in at a steady rate.

There is no reason to play without rakeback!

Critical Mistake #3

Playing Limits Above Your Skill Level

Just because you have a lot of money doesn’t alway mean you should be playing high limits.

There is a noticeable skill difference at every level from penny blinds to dollar blinds or more.

If you can’t play 10,000 hands of $50NL and win, then it is unlikely that you can move up to $100NL and win.

Many people have done just what I have. I started with a small deposit and played a lot at low limits like $10NL with .10 blinds. I moved up a level when I had beaten that level for a good sample of hands.

I also used good bankroll management. By the time I had beaten a level and was feeling ready to move up, I also had to have won enough money to have a 20 or so buy-ins for the next level.

Critical Mistake #4

Sitting Down Before Observing the Table

A great aspect of online poker is you are able to observe many tables before you choose to sit down.

It only takes a few hands to get the general feel of a table. Take a look at the players and the table dynamic and have some valuable information before you even sit down.